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New Zealand holly - Olearia macrodonta

New Zealand holly - Olearia macrodonta

New Zealand holly - Olearia macrodontaNew Zealand holly - Olearia macrodonta
© Dr Chris Gibson/English Nature
UK distribution - East Anglia, Midlands, North, South East, South West

This dense, evergreen shrub has clusters of white, fragrant, daisy-like flowerheads. The dark green holly-like toothed leaves are oval or lance-shaped with white undersides.

New Zealand holly (sometimes also known by its Maori name, Arorangi) is a sun-loving plant which is hardy in warmer parts of the country. It tolerates wind and sea air, so it may be a good choice for a hedge or shrubbery in a coastal garden. It also seems to do well in towns. Its flowers are attractive to bees and many species of fly.


Bees and wasps, Flies

FlowerWhite, June to August
MoistureDry (Dry)
SunlightFull sun (Full sun)