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Photos & full details of 11,300+ plants, full search facilities! Staff carry your plant encyclopaedia, wherever they are. 

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Plant Finder for Websites             

It’s quick & easy to add a searchable plant catalog to your website or kiosk – just paste in the code we supply and the Plant Finder appears, just like magic!

No lengthy installation, no maintenance, just an annual subscription fee. Contact us to add our Plant Finder to your site today!

To look up plants, or see our Plant Finder in action, please go to one of our clients' websites




Basic Service

Includes database of
“Popular plants” (1,200)
and “All plants” (11,300+)


Personalised Service

Includes your
"Plant of the week",
“Plants we sell” and

“All plants” (11,300+ plants)


Premium Service

links to your online selling tools
+ links to your EPOS

  What's in the Plant Finder? Screenshots from the Personalised Service...

Joy of Plants Plant of the Week




Benefits to Retailers

  • Save time & money on web development - add a fully featured Plant Finder to your website in minutes of development time.
  • Save time & money on plant care sheets - print plant care sheets for customers as needed from your Plant Finder.

  • Deliver added value to your customers via your website - direct customers to your website for all their plant care information needs.

  • Increase sales of plant aftercare products - plant care pages contain references to the generic products gardeners should use to get the best from their plants in each season - feeds, mulches, sequestrol etc.

Your customers can find out which plants you sell whatever time they are doing their plant research, even at 3am! Our Plant Finder will bring customers back to your website to find out how to care for their plants, and to find new plants and trees that will look good and thrive in their gardens.

The Plant Finder can be used by staff in store for helping customers and supporting marketing with Social Media and newsletters.

Benefits to Retailers' Customers

They gain a reliable source for all their plant information needs on your website - no more wasting time searching the internet and getting unpredictable results. They can look up their plants by botanical or common name.

They can find plants from those you stock using a host of search criteria - plant colour, size and shape perhaps, select the soil, light or moisture settings for the planting site, then click to search our encyclopaedia of 10,800+ UK plants, seeing photos and full information for the plants that match their needs.

They can save time, and be accurate with names of plants they are looking for by creating a "My Plants" list as a shopping list to take to the garden centre, or email lists of plants to the centre for more information. They can put togetehr their own care plans by printing plant sheets including full season by season care information.

Plant Finder installation

We set up the Plant Finder size and colour scheme to suit the menus and buttons on your website, so it looks like an integral part of your website.

We set up your choice of Plant of the Week or Plant of the Month and the personalised plant list to include "plants you sell".

We provide a Welcome pack with tips on how to roll the Plant Finder out to staff and customers.

Plant Finder features

New in Version 3.0: "Care" - season by season plant care for all plants at genus, species and variety level; full customisation of colours of buttons and backgrounds (Personalised service only).

The Plant Finder contains 11,300+ plants, searchable by UK and USDA Hardiness zone.

Find plants and trees that will look good and thrive in your garden. Choose the plant colour, size and shape, select the soil, light and moisture settings for the planting site, click Find and you’ll get a list of plants to match your needs. Add as many or as few search criteria as you like.

Find plants for presents for suggestions for suitable plants for special events and occasions.

Use the My plants view to compile a plant shopping list, or a list of plants you are interested in.

Share plants with Facebook & Twitter – useful for staff as well as customers to build your online community.

Print plant details including season by season care.

All this and more is yours in the Plant Finder!


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