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Maximise your plant sales, minimise staff time spent answering simple customer questions, help customers find the right plants.

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Print Your Own Bed Cards

Easy-to-use and affordable web-based service for printing your own Bed cards.

We include your logo and colour as part of our standard templates. We can also create bespoke templates for your branding.

Service includes over 13,200 popular & successful UK plants, including outdoor plants and houseplants.

Payment options include "Pay As You Go" with no commitment or annual fee (from 33p per print), or an annual subscription payable by invoice (from £250pa).


 JOP Bed Card


Standard template samples

  • A5 Landscape, 8"x6" Landscape, A4 Landscape with full plant information
  • A4 Portrait Poster for Plant of the Week and Plant of the Month


Bespoke template samples
  • Custom page sizes to suit your bed card display system.







Plant Information for Bed Cards

  • Two styles of bed card text – "classic" for experienced gardeners and "benefits" for new gardeners (this excludes horticultural terms that new gardeners don't understand – see HortWeek's article about the importance of this).

  • 13,500+ UK plants available in the library, using the UK's finest information (and you can even add plants or tailor the information, should you ever wish to). The library includes both houseplants and outdoor plants. We publish hundreds of new plants every few months to meet client requests for additional plants.

  • Plant names and AGM status checked against RHS records and updated yearly.

  • Plant information developed by plant expert.

  • Easy-to-use service designed by experts in web design & based on requirements from customer research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get OKI printers and bed card blanks?

 Where can I get "Never Tear" paper?

Where can I get "label tracking" and bed cards frames?

Could you print bed cards for me (I don't have a printer)?

  • We do not supply pre-printed bed cards.
  • For some customers who require a bulk batch of bed cards to be printed by an external print house at the start of the season, we are able to supply artwork to a number of print houses we work with. These arrangements are agreed on a case by case basis. If you require this service, please contact us to assess your requirements.

Can I add my own information to your tool?

  • Yes, if the free upgrade for "Adding plants" has been applied to your account.
  • You can also make your own copy of a plant we have published and change any of the data, eg to alter heights and spreads and hardiness details to suit your location.

Would you correct information that I think is wrong?

  • Yes, if your "correction" is valid.
  • There is an option in the tool to notify us of "data quality" issues. We review any issue sent and respond appropriately, either by making a correction, or giving an explantation and advising you to make your own copy with your suggested correction.
  • It's important to bear in mind that some plant data is variable given location of planting position and different suppliers of the same plant may not agree on their precise attributes.

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