About Joy of Plants

Our mission is to make plant info easy and accessible to all.

We’re a friendly, creative and innovative company providing discerning plant retailers and gardeners with the plant info they need to fill the world with the joy of plants (Bed Cards, Apps and plug-in plant information for retailers' websites and e-commerce).

We’re passionate about making our products easy to use, our plant data accurate & easy to understand, and our publishing processes effective & efficient, so all our clients receive a fantastic service at a very affordable price.

Development of the Joy of Plants plant information ecosystem never stops - new plants and new technologies are growing around us all the time, and we are growing with them!

Joy of Plants is a UK company founded by Terri Jones and Susan A. Tindall in 2011. We registered Joy of Plants as a trademark in 2011. Read our history.


The Joy of Plants Founders


Terri Jones
Founder, Managing Director, Client & Partner Relationships

Terri looks after all our clients and partners, making sure our current products meet their immediate needs and developing our platform to meet their future desires, and ours.

Background: Terri has been involved with designing websites, operating systems and applications for PCs and smartphones for over 25 years. See her LinkedIn profile for more details.

Other interests: Gardening, philosophy, art see www.terrijonesart.com
Favourite plant:
Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carriere' rose


Susan A. Tindall
Founder, Plant Obsessive, Author & Photographer of the Joy of Plants Plant Library

Susan takes all our plant photos and writes all our plant data. Her acute observation and appreciation of plants gives our plant descriptions their unique character.

Background: Susan has been compiling photos and information about plants for the last 25 years. She also spent 9 years as a professional garden designer. She created a plant database with Plant Press Ltd and her plant information was used as the basis of the following plant guides:
Geoff Hamilton’s Plant Encyclopaedia (DVD 2002)
Joe Swift’s Plant Encyclopaedia (DVD 2002-2007)
The Plant Press Plant Encyclopaedia at www.PlantPress.com (Website 2002-2011)

Other interests: Gardening, cooking, philosophy, people
Favourite plant: Primula vulgaris primrose


Joy of Plants History - When Terri met Susan, Joy of Plants was born

Terri and Susan met in 2008 at an art event - the Henley Arts Trail. They discovered a mutual love of plants (and cats). Susan had been publishing and improving her amazing UK plant database since the era of CDs, and Terri was a longstanding IT pro, and they got talking about publishing plant info together... Joy of Plants was born, with a web-based Plant Finder and iPhone application as the first products, and now plug-in Plant Finder for websites, print-your-own Bed Cards, Image & Text Library for e-commerce, QR codes and more...


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