'Plant Finder 2': Plant Area Kiosks & Websites


Kiosk at Haskins Garden Centre

'Plant Finder 2' is also available as a plug-in for your website.


The “Plant Team Assistant”

Now, both customers and staff can quickly find the plants you stock that match customer needs.

The 'Plant Finder 2' Touchscreen Kiosk lets them find plants you sell, by name, or by browsing groups, or by any criteria – colours, soil, shady conditions etc.

Photos, full descriptions and care info are provided for all plants.

Give your Plant Area the perfect "Plant Team Assistant" – from £495/year per store + setup (option showing local business ads on the kiosk when the Plant Finder is not in use).

Supplied ready to go by our hardware partner:  

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Screenshots from Plant Finder 2


The Home page - you choose the plant groups based on what you sell:

Joy of Plants Plant Finder 2 Home page



Plant groups - include "plants you sell" & "Encyclopaedia":

Joy of Plants Plant Finder 2 Groups



Find by Criteria - customers can search for plants to meet every need: 

Joy of Plants Plant Finder 2 Find by Criteria Results



Plant Info - customers check the plant info & can "Add to My Plants" to create an interest list, or "Buy Now" to buy from your online store (clients with links to e-commerce): 

Joy of Plants Plant Finder 2 Plant Info - add



My Plants - a list of plants to compare, or a shopping list for customers to "Email" as an order, or take to your store (for website version): 

Joy of Plants Plant Finder 2 My Plants




Plant Finder 2 installation is quick & easy

Your web developers paste in the code we supply on your website page. Joy of Plants do the rest of the setup for you.

For maintenance, log into hub.joyofplants.com:

  • Use the Plant Finder "Customisation" settings to update your colours, fonts etc.  
  • Match the list of plants you sell to our database using our online tool, and upload it into your Plant Finder - include links to your e-commerce basket pages if you sell online.
  • Look at the online user guide in the Hub for tips on how to roll the Plant Finder out to staff and customers.

It's that simple!


Basic Service

Includes database of
“Popular plants” (1,200)
and “Encyclopaedia” (14,300+ plants)

Personalised colours & fonts


Personalised Service

Includes your 
“Plants we sell” and

“Encyclopaedia” (14,300+ plants)

Personalised colours & fonts


Premium Service

links to your online selling tools

Personalised colours & fonts


Contact us for more information.

Register online at hub.joyofplants.com to sign up and use our services.



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