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Reviews of our Bed Cards...

“We're really glad we found Joy of Plants. Their knowledge database is amazing and really easy to access, and the bed cards are well laid out and informative. The support staff are friendly and helpful, and have worked really hard to make sure everything goes smoothly - it's improved our point of sale tenfold.”
Tom Hollingworth, Fosseway Garden Centre, Gloucestershire

"Garsons were searching for a solution to our Planteria and House Plant department bed cards, preferably one that would suit our own Point Of Sale templates.

As we were already working with the team at Joy Of Plants, using their Plant Finder web page and app – we were delighted when Terri Jones mentioned Bed Cards were to become available.

The system is now live, and crucially it is very simple to use.  In the first few weeks we have produced over 750 A5 plant information cards – and new plants are being added all the time.

I would highly recommend this package to other Garden Centres and Nurseries."
Ben Thompson, Director, Garsons, Surrey

"Like most garden centres we use bedcards in order to help customers  make informed choices about the plants they were going to buy. We already used one bedcard service but we found that it only covered about a third of the plants that we sold, meaning if we wanted to complete the range it would take a lot of staff time and effort. When Joy of Plants approached us about their bedcard service we decided we'd give it a go, we already used their plant search service for our website so we knew they had an extensive database of plants available. The results we got were much better, almost all the plants we needed were there and they're adding more all the time.

The bedcards themselves are great, we opted for the default layout which features our logo prominently,  good quality photos of the plants and simple and clear breakdowns of the important information customers look for such as height and spread. The tool was really simple to use and we had little issue using our existing hardware for printing bedcards and any issues we have had with either of the Joy of Plants services that we use has been resolved promptly."
James Pennell, Pennells Garden Centre, Lincoln

"I wanted to email you to say how well we are getting on with the Joy of Plants bed card database. As a small charity, we have wanted for a long time to improve the information for our customers and the bed card tool has finally helped us to do this.  We wanted a system that was easy to use, quick and most importantly, provided our customers with clear, accurate and useful information about the plants that we sell. The bed card tool does all these things for us and it has been a delight for us to see the printed cards starting to go up around our nursery! We have found our experience as a Joy of Plants customer really positive – you have given us clear information, been easy to contact and your product works really well – what more can we say! 
Lauren Webb, Deputy Manager, Brunswick Organic Nursery, York

Reviews of our Plant Finder...

"We wanted to add a fully featured, easy-to-use and attractive plant finder to our new website. We contacted Joy of Plants because we were impressed with their Plant Finder on other Garden Centre sites. Installation was quick and trouble-free, they customised the Plant Finder to suit our site and also supplied us with some plant images we needed. Our new website now looks fabulous! Thank you Joy of Plants."
Lucinda Kitching, Sussex Country Gardeners, East Sussex

"We chose Joy of Plants to supply our website Plant Finder because of the breadth and quality of their plant data, and the user-friendliness of their design. We’re in the process of customising the Plant Finder and will be linking it to our online selling tools so that it becomes an integrated part of our system. We're really impressed with it and think it will bring multiple benefits to our customers."
Michael Ainley, Longacres Garden Centre, Surrey

Reviews of our Image Library...

“For many years, we have been aware that our webshop lacked images to assist buyers in their purchasing process, and any image library we came across was either cripplingly expensive or had limitations upon usage which prevented us from using the images in an open domain. With over 1000 different plants on the nursery, the enormous task of compiling our own database remained in the file marked “procrastination”. Then Terri Jones made contact with us and the simplicity and affordability of The Joy of Plants image library coupled with their own plant-finding smartphone app were just perfect for our needs. It was pretty straightforward to implement and we were up and running within a couple of weeks. What was really noticeable was the increase in “hits” on our website and the increase in browsers converting to orders. Thanks Terri and your team.”
Andrew Forsyth, Weasdale Nurseries, Cumbria

Reviews of our Joy of Plants Apps...

"I'm studying horticulture and I was looking for a comprehensive plant app for my new phone. This is by far the best out there right now, in my opinion." Jules Jones

"I have been using and recommending the Joy of Plants app to my students as I really think it is an excellent app with extensive information and works so well on my iPad to share information..." Tracy Clements, Lecturer at Bridgwater College

"As a newly qualified garden designer, it is important to know my plants. It is also key to develop a palette of plants that I enjoy working with as well as knowing that they will work well with each other. Having discovered the 'Joy of Plants' iPhone app I love the fact that I can access all of this information on the move. It eliminates the need for carting heavy books or scruffy notes about, because I now have it all on my phone. I love this app, and I love that I can have 'favourites' as well as keeping a list of plants in the 'my garden' section. I think that this app is an absolute must have for anyone who has an interest in plants, and for the cost of a sandwich, you really can not go wrong." PaulHarrisDesign.com

"Thank you a for great app. So many plants and trees, it's amazing! I downloaded and tried a lot of similar apps, but this on is the best for the UK with a good price too." Dolphiness, review in App Store

"We have really enjoyed using Joy of Plants as it's a very thorough plant finder. The amount of information on plants of every kind, is very impressive. It's easy to use and is a very useful companion whether you're in the garden, or off to a garden centre for some more plants!" P&E Reviews, review in App Store

"Invaluable at the nursery or garden centre; when I see a plant that I like I can look at whether it will suit my garden BEFORE I buy it!!!" davidsmrs, review in App Store

"I don't know a thing about gardening, but this app has helped me no end. Really useful and informative. Huge amount of plants listed (but still room for a few more). Great app." ian26uk, review in App Store

"This is great. It's enabling me to identify plants in my garden, learn whether they need any particular care, and find others that might work up here in the hills." Nikki O, Chilterns

"I use the Plant Finder to make sure a plant will thrive in my garden before I buy it - it's great!" Amanda Stone, Twyford



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