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Quickly & easily add plant images and texts to your website or online shop, minimise web development costs, give customers high quality information to maximise plant sales.

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 Web Info - Plant Images & Texts

Easy-to-use and affordable service for adding plant images & texts to your website or online shop. Our Library can be linked to your EPOS system or webshop.

We supply professional plant images and text descriptions for all the plants in our database via our Joy of Plants "Image & Text Library".

You can see which plants we include in our database and the images we have for plants in our clients' Plant Finders - take a look at our latest client's site Almondsbury garden centre


Sample plant images

Low resolution images are supplied for websites
Images are supplied in 3 sizes:
48x48 pixels for thumbnails
250x250 pixels for main images
600x600 pixels for "zoom in"

You can resize those images to suit your needs


Sample plant text

Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'

Common name: Japanese blood grass

Non-evergreen grasses with green leaves and flowers in Summer.

Other benefits: red-crimson foliage in Autumn

Wildlife attraction: birds

Height & spread at 10 years: 0.4m x 0.2m

Position: likes sun, part shade, light shade

Soil pH: all soil types

Moisture: likes well drained soil, moisture retentive soil, damp & wet soil

Hardiness: generally frost hardy


Plant text is displayed at your selected font and size and will wrap to your chosen frame size

The text is succinct and is not a copy of the plant description from our Plant Finder which is more discursive, though the facts about the plant are consistent

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Benefits of using our library

  • It's easy for your web developers and EPOS managers to add images and texts for plants to your website and online selling tools. Your IT staff don't need to know about plants, and your plant staff don't need to know about IT.
  • You don't need to create, store and maintain an image and text library yourself, and you don't need to maintain a large server to deliver that data. We do it all for you and update the library with new plants as they come on the market.
  • Our service makes it cheaper, quicker and easier for you to develop your website and e-commerce pages.
  • You get accurate and consistent plant information that is aligned with 'Joy of Plants' other services (Bed Cards, Plant Finder for websites & Plant Finder apps).
  • Our affordable annual subscription fee makes it easy to budget for web images and texts.

About our plant images & texts

All our photographs and texts are created by Susan A. Tindall, our plant expert at Joy of Plants. Susan has 20 years experience as a garden designer. Her photographs and descriptions illustrate how a plant will appear when grown in a natural garden setting and convey the unique charm of each plant.

Our plant database has the consistency and quality you would expect of the work of a person who has dedicated her life to documenting plants in all their glory.

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